27 Nov 2016


 Hey guys!!
    Today am going to share my opinion about most raved MABH fast growth hair oil.Am using it for past 1 month and so i thought ti share my opinion about mabh hair oil.Scroll down to see how the oil fared me.

    Before seeing details about oil let me say something about my hair. I have mid length wavy hair that is till my elbow which is dry and frizzy.
    From my childhood i used to have very thick black hair but before 3 years I suffered from severe hair loss that wasn't controlled by any of the products and atlast before few months the hair fall issue is completely solved. Though i didn't go bald i lost half of the volume.
     When i was in search of product for hair regrowth i came to know about MABH FAST GROWTH HAIR OIL. After reading positive reviews in many blogs i thought of using this product.The oil comes secures in a wooden box.Though many readers says that the new packing of oil is not travel friendly i think the bottle is travel friendly.The oil didn't spill even when i kept it upside.
PRICE    Rs 400 for 100ml
SHELF LIFE    6 Months.
    The hair oil claims to be herbal and i used it thrice a week. As instructed i warm the oil with double boiler and apply the oil all over my scalp and give my scalp a good massage and leave overnight.Then I wash it next morning with mild shampoo.
    I thought that it would do miracle to me since it was raved my many, but unfortunately my hair was as usual after hair wash.  I thought myself to be greedy and said to my mind that it is too early for an oil to work and i waited to know the results.
    Then i used it thrice a week for a month now and half of the oil is used. Now i can come to conclusion.My hair feels soft and shiny and it is less dry now and my dandruff is reduced.Yes the oil works but not from the first wash as claimed. My hair regrowth is up to some extent, it doesn't work as miracle in hair regrowth.
PROS⦁    Completely herbal oil without paraben ,silicone oils.
⦁    Makes hair soft and shiny.
⦁    Reduces dandruff.
⦁    Helps in hair regrowth.
⦁    Travel friendly packing.
CONS⦁    COD option not available.
⦁    Available only in MABH website.
⦁    Expensive.
RATING:4/5    It is a good herbal oil without any chemicals and it is a good try.It have done miracles for many and the hair of founder of mabh oil is witness for it.Girls go ahead and  try this oil.
will i repurchase??
    Not sure.Am going to try some affordable herbal oil. May be in future i may purchase this oil.

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