30 Nov 2016


Hey readers!!
    Hope you all are doing good. I have done many product reviews than DIYs and tips and so I thought to share some DIY and tips. So you can expect more DIY and tips in upcoming posts. Today am going to share my hair oil recipe that am using. It is herbal oil and it stimulates hair growth.It definitely helps to grow your hair. So scroll down to know more.

    Since my childhood i used to have very thick black hair and all used to envy my black and thick(read very thick) hair. But before 2 years i started to skip oiling and i oiled my hair rarely with some store bought non sticky hair oils. Those days i was not aware of side effects of mineral oils and so i experienced severe hair fall that i lost 60 % of my hair volume. I then tried many store bought herbal oils and none showed me satisfying results and so i came up with my homemade oil and am having good hair days now :-). So let's move to the diy.
  1. virgin coconut oil-200 ml
  2. pure mustard oil- 100 ml
  3. cold pressed castor oil-50 ml
  4. hibiscus flower- 20 flowers(red colour flower).
  5. hibiscus leaves- 10 leaves.
  6. curry leaves- 50 gm
  7. amla- 5 fruits.
  8. bringraj leaves- 100 gm
  9. aloe vera leaves- pulp of 2 big leaves.
  10. henna leaves- 10 gm.
  11. neem leaves- 10 - 15 leaves.
  12. lemon juice- 5 spoons.
  13. carrot juice- 10 spoons.
  14. fenugreek seeds- 20 gm.
  15. tulsi (holy basil)- 10 leaves.
  16. vitamin E capsules- 15 capsules.
So this is the long list of ingredients. You can easily collect it. But if you can't collect fresh ingredients you can substitute with their powders. For eg if you don't have bringraj leaves you can substitute it with bringraj powder.
If you have collected the ingredients then it needs 2-3 days to prepare the oil . Though it seems like time consuming it is actually worth spending time. I shared this diy with my friend and she had positive results.
 I will explain uses of each and every ingredients at last.
  •     First collect all the ingredients and keep it ready. Now blend all the ingredients except oils, juices and vit E capsule in a blender. You don't want to blend it smoothly but blend it coarsely until all the ingredients are mixed.
  •     Now you will have a greenish colored paste.
  •     Now heat the mixture of coconut, mustard, castor oils in a deep pan avoid shallow pan.
  •      When the oil heats  add the paste to the oil. ( Be careful in this step since oil can scatter, seek some elders help for this step or use a long handle ladle to add the paste). Now you can see white froth like layer on top of the oil.
  •     Heat the oil until the white bubble like layer is reduced. Now add carrot and lemon juice and heat it for 10 minutes. Then switch off the stove and add vitamin E oil from the vitamin E capsules by poking it with pin.
  •     Now allow the oil to cool and then pour the oil in a glass bottle and keep it under sunlight for 2 days.Then filter the oil and store it in another bottle (glass bottle is best but you can use any bottle). Now the oil is ready to use.You can use it as you use your regular  hair oil.
  •    This oil have the shelf life of 8 months. So you can prepare batch by batch and can start using it.
  •      The quantity mentioned here serves me for 2 months with regular usage. I have mid length hair. You can increase and decrease the quantity according to your need. But ratio must be the same.
    If you are using herbs powder instead of fresh herbs you must make the paste with the help of aloe vera pulp and water.The paste must be thick and it should not be runny. You should only use fresh aloe pulp since aloe vera gel that are available in store are not 100% pure aloe vera. You can get aloe pulp in many super markets.
    If you are using some fresh herb and some herb powder you should blend it together. For eg if you have fresh amla,fenugreek,henna,etc and you are using hibiscus,neem,bringraj powder you should blend in blender.

I didn't use almond oil since it leaves brown shade on hair with prolonged usage. I love black hair and so i didn't use . If you want you can add 10ml of almond oil to this.
    Since my camera is acting weird these days i didn't attach the oil pics sorry for the absence of images.
    Hope you understood the procedure. If you have any doubts you can comment it or you can feel free to mail me.
virgin coconut oil: It makes hair smooth and shiny and promotes hair growth.
pure mustard oil: It provides warmth to scalp and fastens hair growth and makes hair to grow long fast.
cold pressed castor oil: It makes hair thick and prevents hair from dryness and makes hair shiny and moisturized and prevents hair from breakage.
hibiscus flower and hibiscus leaves : It makes hair smooth and black and reduces hair fall to good extent.
curry leaves:
It prevents premature greying and it makes hair strong since it has amino acids.
amla: It promotes hair growth since it has vitamin C and prevents hair from greying and makes hair shiny .
bringraj leaves: It prevents hair fall and makes hair long and black.
aloe vera leaves: It is rich in vitamin E and it makes hair smooth and prevents dryness of hair and dandruff in scalp.
henna leaves: It prevents greying of hair and prevents hair from external damage like pollution, dust and sunlight.
neem leaves: It promotes hair growth and keeps itchy scalp, dandruff, lice at bay.
lemon juice: It prevents dandruff in hair and makes hair shiny by maintaining pH of scalp.
carrot juice: It  helps to grow hair longer fast.
fenugreek seeds: It strengthens hair and cures dandruff and it conditions hair strands.
tulsi (holy basil): It detoxifies scalp and keeps scalp healthy for better hair growth.
vitamin E capsules: You can use vitamin E oil or you can use vitamin oil from capsule. It controls free radicals in body and boosts hair growth.
So these are the uses of herbs in oil. Hope you find this DIY helpful. I will share hair oil usage methods and hair packs in upcoming post for better hair growth.
Feel free to comment your opinion about it.

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