8 Dec 2016

SKIN BRIGHTENING FACE PACK-bright skin within 30 days

Hey girls...
    Am back with another diy for skin care. By reading title many might think that the face pack will make you fair. If you expect fairness then you are wrong, dusky skin with glow and free from scars is far better than fair skin with scars and dullness. I mostly rely on herbal products for my skin and hair care products. I believe that herbal products give us healthy skin and hair in long run. I used a popular brand shampoo for sometime and it gave me a good dandruff , hair fall,split ends and dryness . My doctor said that the reason behind my hair problems was due a chemical that was present in the shampoo and my friend who used shampoo with same chemical had same experience. We spend our money on many store bought chemical products that gives only temporary result.It was a horrible phase of my life and decided to use herbal products for my hair and when i started to use herbal products, gradually the problems were solved and now my hair is better than before. From that incident i try to use all herbal products. OK i think i spoke more about my problem now coming to the face pack, it has got all natural ingredients and yields best results when used regularly. This face packs to get healthy glow and reduce scars in tour face thus making skin bright. 
face pack diy
THINGS NEEDED:⦁    Multani mitti- makes skin bright and removes excess oil and dead cells.
⦁    Wild turmeric powder- makes skin bright and keep skin infections at bay and  though being turmeric it won't stain skin like normal turmeric.
⦁    Orange peel powder-  it makes skin plump and skin remains young.
⦁    Lemon peel powder- it removes scars and makes skin flawless.
⦁    Sandalwood paste-  it cools and soothes skin and gives glow to skin. It also makes skin smooth.
⦁    Aloe vera gel -  it moisturizes skin and helps in treating dryness and acne.
⦁    Rose water- it keeps acne and bay and improves skin texture.


1. Full fat milk powder( for dry skin), if you have very dry skin and think that multani mitti may dry your skin,you may substitute it with milk powder.
2. Neem and holy basil powder: If your skin is prone to frequent break out, you may add these 2 powder since it will help to prevent and cure acne.
3. Milk and curd: If you are not allergic to lacto products you may include milk and curd in place of rose water.
4. Sandalwood powder: Am using freshly extracted sandalwood paste, if you don't have wood at home, no problem you can use sandal wood powder.
PROCEDURE:    Am showing basic face pack, you can improve it with ingredients listed in optional.
    Take multani mitti (or) milk powder in a bowl.
    Add orange peel powder to it. I have used my homemade orange and lemon peel powder but you can use store bought also.
herbal face pack 1

    Now add lemon peel powder to it. 
herbal face pack 2

STEP 4:    Add wild turmeric powder to it. If you use sandal wood powder, neem,holy basil powder add it now.
herbal face pack 3

    Now mix all the powders well.
herbal face pack 4

    Now add sandalwood paste, aloe gel and rose water. If you use milk or curd add that also now.
herbal face pack 5

NOTE:I forgot to show aloe gel in the picture but you should not skip it, you should use it. Try to use fresh aloe vera gel. In case if you didn't get aloe gel then you can use store bought aloe gel. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients don't try this face pack.Now our brightening face pack is ready to use.
final face pack
  Apply the pack all over face and neck and let it dry.when it is dry spray some rose water or warm water and scrub it in circular motion for 2 minutes and wash you face with cold water and apply moisturizer.
You should use it on alternate days to get desired result.
Hope you liked this face pack. Try this and have a flawless skin. Feel free to share your opinion in comments section. See you soon with another post.


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