3 Dec 2016


Hey all!!
     Happy Saturday to all.Now a days am obsessed with natural alternatives. I am always look out for DIY especially for my hair products. Out of such interest I made my homemade oil which works good for me. Now i ran out of my homemade oil and due to weather i couldn't prepare oil since it needs sunlight. Then i substituted with some store bought coconut oil but the oil was not absorbed by the scalp since it is thick and i came to know that the oil is adulterated and as usual i found for alternate solution and i came to procedure of coconut oil preparation.
    There are many oil preparation of oils. What i am going to share with you all is extraction of oil by heat. In few days I will try virgin (or) cold pressed oil preparation at home and share it with you all.

⦁    Coconut- 3-5 no.
⦁    Warm Water.
⦁    Blender.
1.    Grate the coconut and blend it in blender with warm water until smooth paste is obtained.
2.    Now transfer the paste to strainer and strain the coconut milk.
3.    Now taste the coconut residue on the strainer.Repeat the process until the coconut extract tastes tasteless. Don't waste the coconut residue, we can use it as body scrub and use it in our hair pack. I will be sharing my hair pack with coconut residue soon.
4.    Now transfer the coconut milk in a big vessel and heat it for 1 hour and more.
5.    Now the oil separates separately and the coconut residue is left down the vessel.
6.    Now transfer the oil and start using it.
7.    I tried it with 3 coconuts and i got approximately 50ml of coconut oil.
    I will update with pictures when I try it again. The quality of homemade oil was good and the fragrance was over the top. Try it and you will know about it.
    I used the coconut oil for my hair and the next day my hair was not at all greasy and my hair was considerably shiny.
    I will make coconut oil myself whenever i ran out my herbal oil.
    I used klf nirmal virgin coconut oil for homemade oil and i liked it's quality and purity and i will review it soon.
    If you have tried to extract oil at home share your experience in comments section.

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