9 Dec 2016


Hey all...
    Am not regular in posting but i will try my best  to be regular in posting. Yesterday i shared face pack with you all and today am going to share an effective hair care routine with you all to combat hair fall issues. There are many reasons for hair fall. But it doesn't mean that we have to take medicines to treat hair loss. Hair fall due to dryness,dandruff, chemical treatments can be treated with natural remedies at home itself. Whereas hair fall due to hormonal problem, protein , vitamin deficiency, heredity, alopecia, and many other reasons needs doctor consultation. The hair care routine that am sharing will be helpful for those who suffer hair fall due to,
⦁    Dandruff.
⦁    Dryness.
⦁    Chemically treated hair.
⦁    Hair breakage.
⦁    Improper maintenance.
Let's move on to the treatment.

    Take some oil in a bowl. Am using my home made oil. Even extra virgin coconut or olive oil is better but never use mineral oil based hair oil. From my experience am suggesting some oil but you can use any oil that suits your hair.
1.    Sesa herbal hair oil.
2.    Parachute ayurvedic hair oil.
3.    Neelibhringadi oil.
4.    Pure sesame oil.
5.    Bhringraj oil.
NOTE: Am not promoting any brand here, am just saying from my personal experience.
    Now take hot water in a vessel and place the oil bowl in the water such that water doesn't enter into the oil bowl.
   Now massage the warm oil on scalp for 10 minutes. Don't apply more oil apply only required oil. After massaging entire scalp apply oil to the length of the scalp and then wear it in a braid . Soak 2 spoons of fenugreek in water and hit the bed.
STEP 3    Next morning dip a towel in hot water and wrap your hair with it for 10 minutes.
    Now take the soaked fenugreek in a blender and make it into a thin paste with curd in a blender. Try to make it as smooth as possible, if you don't make it smooth then you will have tough time to remove it.
    Take the fenugreek paste in a bowl and add the following powders,
a.    Shikakai powder- 2 spoons.
b.    Amla powder- 2 spoons.
c.    Neem powder- 2 spoons.
d.    Hibiscus powder - 2 spoons.
e.    Bringraj powder- 2 spoons.
Now mix all the powders with the fenugreek paste and apply it all over the scalp and hair strands and leave it for 1 hour. You can alter the quantity according to your hair length and thickness.
STEP 4    After 1 hour wash your hair with plain water since the hair pack has shikakai powder. If you feel that your hair is oily after rinsing hair pack, wash your hair with mild shampoo.
    Now apply coconut milk all over your scalp and hair strands and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with water. Don't use shampoo.
STEP 5    Now use neem water, diluted apple cider vinegar or green tea as final rinse as per your wish and air dry your hair.
    Tadaa our treatment for hair fall is over. Now you will be left with soft and shiny hair. But if you do it regularly you will see reduction in hair fall.
Homemade hair oil.
Hot oil treatment.

    Do this once a week and you will surely see changes in hair texture and reduction in hair fall. Though it seems time consuming it is worth a try. You can spare your weekend for this treatment.

NOTE: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients above don't follow this remedy. If you have severe hair fall it is better to consult doctor and treat your hair according to the reason for hair fall.
     Feel free to share your opinions in comments section and for queries mail me.

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