2 Dec 2016


Hey readers!!! after doing some posts on hair care today am here to share some tips to avoid acne and pimples. I am prone to pimples frequently and so i always look out for ways to avoid pimples. So lets move on to the tips to avoid pimples and acne.
Avoid milk:
    Some may be affected by pimples due to hormone changes in their body. Some studies shows that the hormone in cow's milk may cause changes in human body and cause acne. So don't drink milk if u suffer from pimples after drinking milk.
Wash your face before hitting bed:    Always wash your face with moisturizing face wash before going to bed. Always remove makeup as soon as you reach home, this helps a lot in treating acne.
Clean your makeup brushes:
    If you use makeup brush everyday for makeup, then wash it once in 2 days with good makeup brush cleaner. If you use makeup blender , clean that also frequently. This step prevents bacteria from breeding on our skin and clogging pores and so less chances for breakout.
Avoid harsh scrubs:
    Since acne prone skin reacts aggressively to scrub particles it is best to use mild scrubs like gram flour, brown sugar instead of harsh scrubs.
Don't touch your face:    This helps a lot in preventing irritating pimples. whenever we touch our face the pimples get irritated so don't touch your face too often.
Keep your scalp dandruff free:    Always try to keep your scalp free from dandruff. Dandruff also causes pimples and so it is important to keep scalp free from dandruff.
Keep your bowels clean:
    Always keep your bowels clean. If you suffer from constipation you will have pimples. If you suffer from constipation then consult doctor and cure it and automatically your pimple problems will come to an end.
Skin care & makeup products:
    Always use unclogging skin care and makeup products. Use the product that suits you the best. If you feel that the product causes pimples, stop using it immediately.
Stay away from stress:    Stress play an vital role in break outs. Always try to be stress free in order to have flawless skin. Practice yoga or dance to keep you relaxed.
Eat healthy:    This is very crucial since we are what we eat. So eat lots and lots of fruits,vegetables and leafy vegetables that are rich in anti oxidants. This helps us to prevent acne.
Stay hydrated:    Last but not the least drink enough water to stay hydrated.This helps to flush out toxins and thus prevents us from break outs.
These are some of the tips to prevent us from pimples and acne. If you know any tips share it with us in comment section.

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