12 Dec 2016


Hey all...
    I know am not at all regular in posting but i try my level best to post regularly. Am a hair freak and  I always wanted grow my hair long. I always believe that herbal remedies are far better than chemical filled products. I always spend my time surfing about hair. I have wavy dry, frizzy unmanageable hair and so I always look for DIY that help to improve my hair texture. Earlier I don't read much about hair, i used to prepare some DIY mask and after washing my hair I feel that DIY is not working and I use chemical filled products hoping that it will make my hair manageable. 
   But now after reading more about hair and herbal products I realized I was wrong. Now a days am hooked to herbal products and now my hair is far better than it used to be, my hair never felt this manageable and soft before.  Today am going to share my DIY that works like a charm for my extremely unmanageable hair. My hair never been manageable besides using many high end brand products, but this pack helped me to a great extent in improving my hair texture. The picture above was taken after using this hair pack for 1st time and my hair is better in the picture because my hair used to be dry like Sahara(ready VERY DRY). But now my hair is even more manageable with frequent use of DIY pack.
hair image
My hair after using this pack for the first time
THINGS NEEDED(for mid length hair)
⦁    Fenugreek - 3 spoons.
⦁     Aloe vera gel - 2 spoons.
⦁    Thick curd - 2 spoons.
⦁    Honey - 1 spoon.
1.    Soak fenugreek seeds overnight in warm water.
2.    Blend fenugreek seeds and aloe vera gel together next day.
3.    Now add curd and honey in a bowl and mix them.
4.    Now mix the fenugreek mixture and curd mixture and mix them together.
5.    Now apply this hair pack throughout your hair and hair lengths and leave it for about 2 hours and then wash it with water alone and then follow it with hair rinse and conditioner.
    You will notice the hair growth rate and hair texture in short span of time. You don't need to you shampoo since fenugreek cleanses hair well. If you use shampoo then you will be left with dry frizzy hair.
USES OF INGREDIENTS:Fenugreek: It promotes hair growth and makes hair thicker. It keeps split end at bay and makes hair soft.

Aloe vera gel: Aloe gel is rich in vitamin E and makes hair grow long and makes hair smooth and shiny.
try to use fresh aloe gel for best results

Curd: It is a natural hair conditioner and it removes dandruff from hair and makes hair full of bounce.
Honey: Honey retains moisture in hair thus making hair more manageable.
    I will share my hair rinse recipe soon in my blog. Since I am working to grow my hair long and improve my hair texture, you can expect more hair care posts in future.
    If you have any queries regarding hair and skin care , feel free to contact me via email and  feel free to comment.

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