20 Jan 2017


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    Now a days am obsessed with herbal hair hair products. But the store bought products are not completely herbal. I have used many hair wash powder, herbal shampoos, conditioners and hair oils but 90% of them are not completely herbal. Even many herbal hair oils have mineral oil as their constituent. Many oils will reveal only their key ingredients and so we can't conclude whether it has mineral oil or not. So i thought to switch to homemade hair oils. Earlier i have shared a herbal hair oil for all hair problems. Today am going to share a hair oil that has few ingredients but it is very effective.
    This hair oil is effective for dandruff and pre mature graying also. I am using this oil for 1 month and am satisfied with this. It improved my hair texture and also treated my dandruff problem in this winter.So let's move on to the procedure. 

THINGS NEEDED:⦁    Coconut oil - 100ml.
⦁    Sesame oil (Til oil)- 100 ml.
⦁    Curry leaves - 1 cup.
⦁    Amla - 2
⦁    Fenugreek seeds - 2 spoons.
⦁    Henna leaves - 1/2 cups.
⦁    Castor oil - 1 Spoon (OPTIONAL).
PROCEDURE:1.    Wash curry leaves and henna leaves and dry them for 10 minutes.
2.    Take the amla and cut them into small pieces.
3.    Now blend curry leaves, henna leaves, amla and fenugreek seeds without adding water. No need to blend smoothly. Blend them roughly until the ingredients are mixed.
4.    Now heat a pan (Iron pan is the best but you can use any pan) and add coconut oil and sesame oil.
5.    When the oil is hot lower the temperature and add the coarse paste that we have prepared.
6.    Now the oil starts to fume, stir it gently.
7.    After 10 - 15 minutes,the oil and the paste will be seperated and the fumes will disapperar.
8.    Now switch off the stove. Leave the oil undisturbed for 2 hours and then filter it. If u want to add castor oil, add 1spoon of castor oil now after filtering the oil. Our oil is ready to use.
Coconut oil: It conditions hair and reduces hair breakage.
Sesame oil: It maintains black colour of our hair. It makes hair silky and prevents dandruff. It induces hair growth and removes dandruff completly.It is natural sunscreen,it prevents hair from UV rays.
Castor oil : It induces rapid hair growth and it is rich in vitamin E.
Curry leaf:
It prevents pre mature greying. It induces faster hair growth.
Amla: It promotes hair growth. It also prevents premature greying. It makes hair strong and silky in long run.
Henna leaves: It makes hair grow faster. It removes dandruff and makes hair silky smooth.
Fenugreek: It is a natural conditioner. It removes dandruff. It improves hair density.
    Take required amount of oil in a bowl and heat it as heated in hot oil treatment.    Apply it all over scalp and hair. Leave it over night for best results and wash it with mild hair wash next day.
    Within few uses you can notice the change in hair texture and density.
SHELF LIFE: 2 months.
    If you don't like sesame oil in your hair oil, Take 150 ml of coconut oil and reduce the sesame oil content to 50 ml. Sesame oil is vital in this preparation,since it makes hair shiny and silky.
    You can also use this as leave in conditioner. Take 3 to 5 drops of oil (not more than that)in your palm and apply it all over the hair length. Since it has sesame oil, it will act as sunscreen for your hair and prevent it from further damage.
NOTE: If you don't find fresh amla and henna leaves, you can also substitute it with amla and henna powder, but try to buy 100% pure powders in country medicine shops. Just blend curry leaves,fenugreek seeds and the powders without water and proceed the steps.     If you have any doubts, feel free to comment below.

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