22 Jan 2017


Hi all!!!
    Hair is crowning glory for all girls, so it is must to take care of our hair. In our hair care routine we should try to incorporate hair spa to maintain overall beauty and health of our hair. But we can't always afford hair spa done at salon since they are expensive.
    Hair spa is nothing but treating our hair in order to prevent and cure our hair problems. There are many types of hair spa like anti hair fall, anti dandruff, smoothing spa, hair growth stimulating spa and many more. Out of these am going to share anti hair fall hair spa.

⦁    Hair oil.
⦁    Wide tooth comb.
⦁    Towel.
⦁    Hot water.
⦁    Fenugreek seed paste (or ) mild shampoo.
⦁    Curd.
⦁    Coconut milk
⦁    Hibiscus flower( powdered)

    This the 1st step in our anti hair fall spa. Oiling is must in our spa. Try to use pure oil.

    I mostly use my homemade herbal oil or curry leaf oil. you can use anti hair fall oil or neelibringadhi oil or even virgin coconut oil. But stay away from mineral oil based hair oil
    In order to arrest hair fall, try to use herbs infused oil. Incase if you don't have herbs infused oil then opt for virgin coconut or olive oil.
    Take required amount of oil in a bowl and warm it as we warmed in hot oil treatment.
    Now apply this oil all over scalp and hair lengths and massage your scalp for 10 mins. It is natural to loose some hair while oiling,but don't panic it is nothing bad ,your hair will grow faster.
    After applying oil , dip towel in hot water and wrap it over your hair like turban. Leave it for 10 to 15 mins.

    After removing towel, leave your hair for 1 hour.
Cleansing:    This is 2nd step on our hair spa. I strongly suggest to use fenugreek paste to wash your hair, since it will arrest hair fall to great extent. If you don't want to use fenugreek paste then opt for homemade shampoos.

⦁    Soak 1 spoon of fenugreek overnight in water.
⦁    Next day morning grind the fenugreek along with water. Blend until you obtain smooth paste.
⦁    When you obtain smooth paste add more water and blend it, now it will be in runny consistency.
⦁    Now strain the paste, use the semi liquid fenugreek extract, throw away the fenugreek chunks over the strainer.
    Apply the obtained fenugreek over oiled hair and leave it for 10 mins, then wash it with warm or cold water.
    If you feel your hair is greasy then wash it with very mild shampoo like baby shampoo.
    But from my experience fenugreek removes oil from hair.
Conditioning:    This is 3rd step in our hair spa, after washing your hair condition your hair with homemade curd.

⦁    Take curd required for your hair length and density.
⦁    Beat the curd and apply it all over scalp and hair length.
⦁    After 10 mins wash it with cold or warm water.
Hair pack:
    This is last step in our hair spa.

⦁    Take required amount of hibiscus flower powder.
⦁    Add coconut milk until desired consistency is obtained.
⦁    Apply this on damp or towel dried hair.
⦁    Leave it until it dries and then wash it with cold or warm water.
    If you feel that coconut milk has made your hair greasy, don't worry you can wash your hair with mild shampoo next day.
    Follow this weekly once to arrest hair fall. I experienced heavy hair fall and this hair spa helped me a lot. It helped some of my friends who suffered from heavy hair fall too.
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