25 Oct 2016


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     am back with skin care routine for pimple prone skin and do's and don’t s. I hope everyone suffered from pimple at one stage or others. Though it seems to be a complicated problem. It can be treated easily if we spend some time to take care our delicate skin.
    Though there are many store bought products available we should select them wisely after reading their ingredients and reviews. Each and every one is unique and this applies to our skin also. The products raved by others might not suit you.so think before purchasing products. Now let us see the skin care for pimple prone skin.

    Of course cleansing play a vital role in taking care of a skin. To treat pimples or acne try to use cleansers that are gel type and avoid that contains oils. Try to use foaming cleansers. The cleansers that has salicylic acid as a component helps to dry out the pimples. Some of the cleansers that are good for pimple prone skin are,
⦁    cetaphil gentle foaming cleanser.
⦁    sebamed foaming cleanser.
⦁    the body shop tea tree face wash.
⦁    clean and clear foaming face wash.
⦁    himalaya neem face wash.
    Don't wash your face more than thrice in a day since it can worsen the condition. Over washing can lead to drying of skin.
    Be gentle while washing your face.
    Always try to use gentle cleansers.
    This is also a vital step in skin care. Toning helps to close the open pores thus reducing the chances of breakouts. Toners are of three types,
TONERS: These are mildest and tend to be gentle on skin.
ASTRINGENT: These are not mild, these tend to be stronger than toner and only oily skinned beauties can use it since it is drying in nature.
ALCOHOLS: These are the strongest among the 3 and tend to dry out the skin. We should avoid alcohols in toners.
  some of the toners that are helpful in closing pores are,
⦁    the body shop tea tree toner.
⦁    shahnaz husain sharose skin toner.
⦁    neutrogena fine fairness toner.
⦁    vlcc rose water toner.
⦁    aroma magic aromatic skin toner.
⦁    biotique bio cucumber pore tightening toner.
⦁    fabindia tea tree toner.
⦁    neutrogena clear pore oil eliminating astringent.
⦁    kaya purifying spot corrector.
⦁    himalaya purifying neem cleansing astringent.
⦁    garnier pore purifying astringent.
    Moisturizing is also an important part in skin care routine. Many think that only dry skin needs hydration but in real oily skin also need hydration to make our skin soft and supple and free from blemishes. It is important to use oil free moisturizer. Moisturizer with oil content will worsen the condition. some of oil free moisturizers are,
⦁    clean and clear skin balancing moisturizer.
⦁    neutrogena oil free moisturizer spf 15.
⦁    lacto calamine classic
⦁    sebamed clear face care gel.
⦁    the body shop tea skin clearing lotion.
⦁    cetaphil dermacontrol oil control moisturizer.

    yes!! you read it right!! weekly scrubbing is mandatory to keep whiteheads blackheads and zits at bay. Mild scrubs must be used to scrub our facial skin. Harsh scrubbing leads to rashes and dry skin. So keep in mind to scrub only once a week and that too with mild scrub. some of scrubs available in stores are,
⦁    Himalaya purifying neem scrub.
⦁    vlcc Indian blackberry face scrub.
⦁    the body shop tea tree squeaky clean scrub.
⦁    lakme clean up clear pores face scrub.
    Face pack helps to get rid of acne scars and remove excess oil from skin and give a glowing appearance to the lifeless skin. mud pack works best for acne prone skin. Face packs twice a week helps you to control pimples to some extent. Some of the face packs for pimples are listed below,   
⦁    himalaya herbals purifying neem pack.
⦁    biotique bio clove purifying anti blemish face pack.
⦁    fabindia haldi chandan mud face pack
⦁    the body shop seaweed iconic clay mask.
a.    Always have a blot paper with you to remove excess oil from your face.
b.    drink plenty of water to remove toxins from body and to lower the body temperature as raise in body temperature may lead to breakouts.
c.    Eat sea foods to keep your skin flawless since omega 3 helps to keep your skin flawless.
d.    Drink spearmint tea to keep acne at bay.
e.    Use mineral based make up products to minimize pimples.
f.    Have a balanced diet.
g.    Change your pillow case daily.
h.    keep your hair clean and non-greasy.
a.    Don't ever dare to hit your bed without removing makeup from your face. It surely leads to breakouts.
b.    Avoid oil based makeup products.
c.    Don't pop the zits.
d.    Avoid touching your face frequently.
e.    Avoid white sugars in your food.
    Hope this post helps you to know about skin care routine and products for pimple prone skin to an extent. Let me know how this post fared with with comments below. Catch you later with DIY, reviews and facts about skin and hair!!!!!

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